Home Office Decorating Ideas For Productive Home Offices

Home office decorating ideas can be helpful in coordinating your work space for greater productivity, and functionality, while letting you have things your way. A little planning for organization, and what furniture you’ll need, and you can soon be up and running with the convenience you can only get by working at home. Here are a few ideas to help you get going.

This is the perfect opportunity to buy a comfortable office chair that fits you, instead of the last person who had that desk, and the computer can be placed where it works best for you. Good posture helps to prevent fatigue so you can work more rested for a longer period of time. If your computer is a laptop, there are brackets you can buy to help keep them out of the way.

There will be other office equipment to organize, so take them in order of how often you use them. The less clutter on your desk the better you will be able to focus on the project you are doing. The printer and fax machine can be kept on printer stands, behind you, so that they are out of the way until needed.

If you will be using the phone for most of your business, it needs to be positioned where it’s easy to dial, yet close enough that all of the cords reach where they should. Some people choose one that has a telephone headset, to make things even more comfortable. A pen and pencil holder with Post-It notes can be kept handy.

There are always hard copy receipts which need to be kept for tax purposes, and file cabinets will be needed. For the current year you can get a desk that has a file drawer in it, and keep the latest receipts easily at hand. Some desks also have a partitioned drawer for additional organization.

There could be backup computer files stored on CDs and they need a convenient and protected place, yet close by so they are easy to retrieve. A glass front bookcase could be the solution, since they will be stored where there is less paper dust. Some book ends can keep those reference and phone books handily on top of the bookcase.

The choices of furniture style are entirely up to you. From elegant French Provincial hardwoods to less expensive utilitarian styles. If you have clients that will be coming to your office you may want a couple of nice chairs where they can sit comfortably. Your home office decorating ideas can create a work space where you are comfortable and more productive.

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